How Can SEO help in Marketing and Advertising Your Business?

HELPOwning a business and making it grow is not that easy because it involves great effort, ability and knowledge with regard to the product or its feasibility and whether or not the subject of the business will be marketable to projected consumers. It likewise entails a great courage to take risk in opening one and delving on the most possible consequences that can be a result of your decision. Continue reading

Google Images: A new Channel for SEO

global-seo-Google has become one of the authority search engines on the World Wide Web due to its very comprehensive algorithm. This lead to a databank of the best resources online until a technique in understanding this algorithm was discovered and used to control the outcome of most results. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO and is not particularly for Google alone. It is basically used in Internet marketing, specifically in advertising a campaign for a site, a brand, a product, etc. to increase presence and reputation on the web. Through this method, Google will be prompted to crawl the particular campaign for indexing and ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Continue reading

Google Images Basics

Back+To+BasicsGoogle is a search engine that has become synonymous to ‘find’ for its millions of indexed resources. For years, it has been used in every search and advertising purposes across all platforms and devices. One of the main reasons behind this enviable reputation is that it continuously develops tools and plug-ins that will make its users’ surfing experience a lot better. One of the best examples to this is the Google Chrome, which is a freeware web browser that de-clutters all the available apps and tools from the search engine. This way, a user can find the Google Images, maps, Gmail, Youtube, books and a lot more in one page. What more, Chrome allows a user to make his or her own tab to match every task. Continue reading

How SEO Works in Google Images

SEO Perfect CompanySEO or search engine optimization has become a very important tool in Internet Marketing, especially in online advertising. It encompasses the study of search keywords that can be used in campaign ads such as sites, contents, images and all other media online. This may be done with help from free keyword tracker tools and software. For this that Google Chrome is very relevant in adding Google images to the freeware web browser. It allows the campaign specialist to find every tool he or she needs in one neat browser. This way, search time is minimized and a very organized optimization of the search engine is administered. Continue reading